Top 25 SEO Blogs to Stay Up-to-date with Search

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What blogs do you read, and how do they help you shape your blog or website? The type of blogs (and specific blogs) you read or subscribe to can influence your site development. But did you know that they can also help you with your website optimization?

Having access to a list that compares blogs according to their search engine optimization ranking allows you as a blogger (or website owner, for that matter) to check up on what SEO trends are working the best. This access, in turn, allows you to adjust your optimization methods and marketing plans, and start implementing successful changes.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re an SEO expert or looking to become an SEO freelancer. Maybe you’ve been promoted at work or transferred, and need to start brushing up on SEO trends as part of your new position’s responsibilities.

As with most aspects of online marketing schemes, the realm of SEO tends to evolve on an almost constant basis. Most of the evolving trends won’t require much change on your part, but others most definitely will. In fact, thanks to recent developments in the voice search capabilities of search engines (as an example), updating your SEO methodology has become a requirement rather than an option. Due to the change in how search engines interact with your site, a host of new features and functions have been introduced.

Keeping up with these trends can be difficult. This makes keeping in touch with successful SEO blogs even more imperative! In fact, reading such blogs should be considered a daily requirement for any serious blogger, site manager, and SEO expert.

There are many ways to do so, and different blogs may use different subscription methods. These include email subscription delivery systems, RSS feeds, and blog aggregation—even social media notifications!

But which blogs are the best to subscribe to? There are a lot of sites and tools that rank blogs these days. Each one seems to have their own opinion and methodology, which can make for a confusing array of lists.

Trying to follow too many blogs can leave you overwhelmed by all the information and resources being put out there. Keeping your list manageable is an absolute must—otherwise, you’ll find yourself confused as to which sources to trust more than others, what advice to heed and which to ignore. Implementing your new-found knowledge also becomes a nightmare if you’re overstimulated.

Missing out on valuable information because you’re following too many blogs can be a costly mistake. But at the same time, losing out on that same information because you’ve left out the best sources will be just as expensive!

For this reason, we’ve compiled an authoritative reference guide to the top 25 best SEO blogs. We’ve even included some links to specific posts and features, so you can quickly see for yourself why we’re so excited about them!

Whatever subscription method works for you, we believe these are the best SEO blogs for you to be following. While you don’t need to try to follow every single one of them, we do recommend that you supplement your current reading list with at least the top 10.

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