Best Free Online SEO Tools of 2024

SEO is an essential component of digital marketing, but the cumulative expense of various SEO software can escalate rapidly.

To help you succeed without breaking the bank, we’ve curated a selection of the top free SEO tools, ensuring you can maximize your ranking potential while sticking to a budget.

Top 3 Selections: Best Free SEO Tools

For those seeking the cream of the crop, here are the top 3 free SEO tools available:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced conversational AI tool that can streamline your SEO campaigns by providing human-like interactions. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, ChatGPT generates responses that closely resemble those of a human conversationalist. Engaging with ChatGPT feels like having a natural dialogue, where you can ask questions and receive informative replies.

Key features of ChatGPT:

  • Generates original and engaging content for various platforms.
  • Enhances text clarity and adjusts tone of voice.
  • Provides accurate content translation across multiple languages.


SEO.AI is a powerful tool designed to enhance your website’s content optimization, from blog posts to product and service pages, bolstering your site’s authority. It leverages AI to refine existing content and generate new, SEO-friendly material.

SEO.AI offers these features:

  • AI-driven discovery of keyword opportunities
  • Meta tag evaluation and optimization
  • Content length analysis against benchmarks
  • One-click generation of articles over 2,000 words
  • Built-in AI chat assistant for immediate assistance
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and keyword gap analysis
  • Streamlined automation of internal linking
The editing platform of SEO.AI (try it out for free)

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console offers a comprehensive suite of free tools enabling website owners to monitor their presence in Google search results. This robust platform provides insights and actionable feedback to ensure optimal website performance.


Google Search Console features:

  • Receive actionable guidance to improve the user experience on your site.
  • Identify and rectify website errors through detailed reports.
  • Monitor your site’s Google search rankings, impressions, and click-through data.

Free online SEO tools overview




Notable Features

Best For



Human-like interactions, content generation

Generates content, enhances text clarity, translates content

Content creation and customer engagement



AI-driven content optimization

Keyword discovery, meta tag optimization, content analysis, AI chat assistant

Content optimization and strategy

Google Search Console


Comprehensive site monitoring

User experience improvement, error identification, search performance tracking

Website performance analysis

AI Keyword Research Tool


AI-driven keyword insights

Immediate use without login, effective keyword identification

Keyword research and strategy

Google My Business


Local search optimization

Business information management, customer engagement, local visibility

Local business marketing

Backlink Audit Tool


Broken backlink identification

User-friendly interface, free access, broken link detection

Link building and maintenance

AI Content Detector


AI-based content analysis

Advanced text analysis, detailed metrics, immediate results

Content analysis and optimization

Google Gemini


AI-enhanced copywriting

Keyword generation, rephrasing content, topic suggestions

SEO copywriting and content ideation

AI Topic Cluster Tool


Topic cluster generation

AI-driven topic suggestions, visualization tools

Content organization and authority building

Keyword Magic Tool


Extensive keyword database

Seed keyword analysis, filter options, keyword list creation

Comprehensive keyword research

AI Product Description Generator


Quick generation of unique product narratives

AI-generated descriptions, no login required

E-commerce and retail product listings

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools


Comprehensive SEO health checks

Domain and page-level metrics, over 140 SEO issue detections

In-depth website SEO analysis

Meta Description Generator


Optimized meta description creation

AI-powered, streamlined process

Enhancing SERP click-through rates

Google Analytics


Detailed website traffic analysis

User-friendly reports, GA4 training course

Data-driven marketing strategies

Article Rewriter


Content refreshing and rephrasing

Maintains original context, part of SEO.AI suite

Content updating and repurposing

AI Title Generator


Engaging and SEO-optimized title creation

Instant suggestions, user-friendly

Content creators and marketers

Keyword Intent Checker


Search intent analysis

Categorizes keywords by user intent

SEO and content strategy

Top 16 best online free seo tools

Here are the remaining 13 free online seo tools that we think that you should try:

4. AI Keyword Research Tool

The AI Keyword Research Tool is a vital component of the SEO.AI suite, offering a no-cost solution for conducting thorough keyword research by simply describing your content. It’s engineered to provide essential insights that can refine your SEO strategy.

AI-driven keyword discovery is a game-changer for SEO and content strategy. Advanced algorithms analyze vast amounts of data quickly, identifying trends and essential insights. This process is crucial for finding relevant long-tail keywords that target specific audiences and face less competition.


Features of the AI Keyword Research Tool:

  • Allows for immediate use without requiring login details
  • Utilizes AI to pinpoint the most effective keywords for your content
  • Completely free to use

5. Google My Business

Google My Business is a vital tool for increasing your visibility in local searches on Google and Maps, allowing potential customers to find and connect with your business. Effective management of your profile can lead to better local search rankings and more foot traffic to your establishment.


Google My Business features:

  • Streamlines the updating of your business information.
  • Encourages interactions with customers directly.
  • Boosts your visibility in local searches and on maps.

6. Backlink Audit Tool

This link building tool offers a no-cost solution for identifying broken backlinks on any given domain. It simulates the crawling techniques of search engines to ensure each link on your site leads to an active webpage.


The Backlink Audit Tool features:

  • Provides a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Grants free access to its features.
  • Efficiently uncovers any broken backlinks tied to a domain.

Pro tip: The SEO.AI toolkit also offer other link building tools

7. AI Content Detector

The AI Content Detector is a sophisticated tool that leverages artificial intelligence to scrutinize and discern various forms of content, with a particular focus on textual analysis.

This tool employs machine learning and natural language processing to dissect and categorize content efficiently. It’s capable of recognizing patterns, pinpointing specific elements, and sorting content into designated or custom classifications.

The AI Content Detector provides a percentage scale from 0-100% across several metrics, including Prediction, Entropy, Correlation, and Perplexity, to deliver a comprehensive analysis of the content’s characteristics.


Features of the AI Content Detector:

  • Utilizes advanced AI to analyze and classify text-based content
  • Offers detailed metrics including Prediction, Entropy, Correlation, and Perplexity
  • Accessible for free, user-friendly, and delivers immediate results

8. Google Gemini

Google Gemini harnesses the power of AI to enhance various aspects of SEO copywriting, from generating keywords to rephrasing existing content and suggesting engaging topics.

This tool is adept at producing compelling copy that resonates with both search engines and readers, ensuring your content is both discoverable and engaging. Google Gemini’s AI capabilities streamline the process of identifying keywords and crafting text that aligns with your content strategy.


Features of Google Gemini:

  • AI-driven keyword generation for targeted content
  • Sophisticated rephrasing options to refresh existing copy
  • Creative topic idea suggestions to inspire content creation
  • Freely accessible, intuitive, and quick to deliver results
This is just an example of what gemini can help with, there are loads of other prompts that can make Gemini in SEO

9. AI Topic Cluster Tool

Also part the SEO.AI toolbox, the AI topic cluster tool leverages AI to simplify the process of generating topic clusters based on a keyword, with a keen understanding of search intent.

Topic clusters boost SEO as they clarify your content’s organization and significance to search engines, which can result in improved SERP rankings. Structuring content into clusters also betters the user experience by providing fluid navigation. Moreover, crafting detailed content within these clusters solidifies your status as an industry authority and expert.


The AI Topic Cluster Tool features:

  • Generates numerous AI-driven topic suggestions
  • Offers visualizations via tables and mind maps
  • Complimentary, efficient, and user-friendly

10. Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool is an expansive, free keyword research resource, boasting a database of over 24 billion keywords. It’s designed to streamline the keyword discovery process, providing a wealth of related keyword suggestions.


Keyword Magic Tool features:

  • Input a seed keyword to generate a comprehensive list of related keywords, neatly categorized into three tiers for streamlined navigation and analysis.
  • Apply filters to refine your search, focusing on question-based keywords, and organize results by metrics such as word count, search volume, search intent, keyword difficulty, CPC, and competitive density.
  • Craft and save tailored keyword lists, which can be exported to enhance the precision of your marketing campaigns.
  • This tool is a component of the free Semrush toolkit, making it a valuable asset for SEO professionals.

11. AI Product Description Generator

Creating unique product descriptions manually can be a time-consuming task. Our AI Product Description Generator is a free tool designed to alleviate this burden.

This tool helps you generate captivating narratives for your products, enhancing their appeal and boosting your online presence.

Features of the AI Product Description Generator:

  • Generates captivating product narratives using AI
  • Completely free to use, with no login required
  • Part of the comprehensive SEO.AI toolkit

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